Easy as Instagram

Foko’s extensive communication platform can be used to share photos, send direct messages, exchange files, circulate directives, give feedback, start group conversations and more – all centralized and searchable in one place.

Use an Instagram-like interface that is familiar to everyone. Give real-time feedback with likes and comments, and categorize your content with #hashtags. See something you don’t like? Markup photos by drawing directly on them to give instant, real-time visual feedback.


Organize your team conversation in open channels. Make a channel for a region, a division, or a campaign – everyone gets a transparent view of what is happening. Share directives, best practices, competitive intelligence and messages.

Private Channels
For sensitive conversations, create a private channel and invite a select few. No one else will see or have access to your private channel.

Direct Messages
Have a pressing question? Send a Direct Message to reach a team member. It’s private and secure.

Get Tasks Done

There is no better way to validate in-store execution than to see it for yourself.

Assign Photo Tasks to request display photos from 1 or multiple stores. It’s never been easier. Just take a photo and have it reviewed in real-time by HQ.

Need to make sure a price change is executed or need to issue a product recall? Assign a task with automatic reminders to stores and get confirmation when the work has been done.

Photo for Foko Survey example.
Photo for Foko Survey example.

Survey Your Stores

Use Foko surveys to collect intel and specific data points from your stores.

Surveys can be customized to assess individual store performance, from merchandising execution, to inventory management, training practices and anything else you’d like to know.

Set a survey deadline and see how all your stores stack up with complete Foko Task Report, showing you an overview of store performance across locations, as well as which stores are lagging behind.

Reporting and Exporting

Get auto-generated reports of compliance levels across all stores. Identify areas for follow-up and share it with the leadership team to show progress.

Search or export any content shared in Foko: photos, albums, documents. Fine tune your search by keywords, hashtags, user and channel.

Make IT Happy!

Get unlimited storage and easily search through your entire archive. No IT infrastructure required, just download our app on your mobile device or use your desktop web browser.

Foko has APIs, Webhooks and Active Directory integration to seamlessly work with your existing software ecosystem.

Foko is hosted with Amazon Web Services, the gold standard for secure cloud-based services.

Access FOKO from Anywhere

When you are on-the-go, use our fully featured native mobile apps for iOS and Android. When sitting at your desk or on your laptop, sign-in to Foko on your browser. Whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere.

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