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Fabletics, the popular activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson, is growing, fast. They're using Foko to ensure compliance and brand consistency across locations as they rapidly expand into brick-and-mortar retail across the US.


Since adopting Foko, Fuego Stores is able to do merchandising validation once a week instead of once a month. More accurate merchandising execution has had a big effect on their business - sales of merchandise featured in stores windows has gone up by 25%!



  • Directives are created at HQ by VM Manager.
  • Directives are uploaded to an intranet or mailed out via email or hard copy.
  • Directives are received by a Regional or District Manager, or by in-store associates.
  • Photos are taken of displays.
  • Photos are attached to an email or posted to an intranet and sent off.
  • Due to lack of a direct line from stores to HQ, stores must contact Regional or District Field Managers to troubleshoot issues or ask questions.
  • HQ reviews the photos.
  • HQ sends feedback.
  • The requested changes are implemented at the store level.
  • Photos of the display are re-taken.
  • Photos are uploaded and sent off again to VM Manager at HQ.
  • Process repeats over a course of days or weeks until the displays have reached compliance.
  • Directives are created at HQ by VM Manager.
  • VM Manager assigns the directives to each store through a Foko Task.
  • Stores complete the requested directives, take photos of the requested displays and submit them using Foko.
  • VM Manager reviews the submissions and draws or comments on the photo, or chats directly with the store in real-time if anything needs to be changed.
  • The store fixes the display and resubmits their photo via Foko Task.
  • Once stores have submitted their Tasks, VM Manager gets a comprehensive Foko Report detailing the results.