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Work is Beautiful.

Share visual content within your company.
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90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Build Corporate Culture

Easy mobile image sharing by Foko transcends regional, language and technology barriers, bringing employees together, to inspire creativity while promoting transparency and productivity.

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“So many amazing moments happen behind the scenes at One Medical every day – Foko gives us a way to capture and share these moments with each other.” — Leyl Black, Director of Communications, One Medical Group

Compared to text, visuals are processed 60,000× faster

Share your Visual Work

Share ideas, mockups, designs, retail displays, prototypes — just about any visual representation of your work — with colleagues and customers. Start a conversation around your work to encourage input. Foko lets you record how things look today, so you can refer to them well into the future.

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“Our employees are really excited about this way of working together and how it helps them better serve our customers.” — Ryan Amirault, senior social-media program manager for Whole Foods Market

Combining visuals with text in communication increases comprehension by 89%


Foko makes events memorable. It helps put faces to names instantly, so attendees and organizers can quickly connect and stay in contact. It encourages a free flow of images and ideas and enriches the event experience for everyone.

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“Foko helped our attendees put faces to names, allowing them to quickly make meaningful connections with contacts they may have previously known only through email.” — Dan Woodward, VP Global Marketing, Trend Micro
Photo by Juhan Sonin

Social media posts with images have 120% more engagement

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